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Tues, Jan 8th 2019



Gym Classes resume

Jan 15, 16 &17


New Air Trak!

Tots ages 4-5

Boys & Girls 6-12

Teens 12-18

13 weeks - $180

Info Contact:

Joyce Nasta
(201) 641 - 1626 or

Blanche Bidnik

(973) 365 - 1111


Reserve the Hall NOW (201) 204 - 9699

Party Rentals available!

Welcome to Sokol!


The American Sokol Little Ferry (ASLF) was organized in 1896. By hard work, it's members erected the first Little Ferry public hall and today it remains a center of community activities.


Thousands of children have attended gymnastics classes joined by attendees from American Sokol's across more then 20 states of our country. The first aim of the American Sokol is to be physically fit.

The American Sokol Little Ferry is also available for Birthday Parties, Anniversaries, etc. Contact Nicholas Rogers at (201) 204 - 9699 for available dates and reservations.

Interested in becoming a Sokol member?

About Sokol

The American Sokol Organzation was started in the U.S. in 1865. Sokol was first started in Prague, Czechoslovakia and has units throughout the world. Sokol is the Czech word for falcon. This bird was chosen as the Sokol symbol because of its sharp eyesight, speed and skills in survival.


Sokol members...are parents and former gymnasts who are at least 17 years old. Anyone interested in becoming a member should ask for more information.