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Tues, Jan 8th 2019



Gym Classes resume

Jan 15, 16 &17


New Air Trak!

Tots ages 4-5

Boys & Girls 6-12

Teens 12-18

13 weeks - $180

Info Contact:

Joyce Nasta
(201) 641 - 1626 or

Blanche Bidnik

(973) 365 - 1111



Reserve the Hall NOW (201) 204 - 9699


122 Years of Gym, Fun & Fitness

Party Rentals available!


American Sokol Little Ferry support programs in four key areas:

  • Physical Education
  • Educational
  • Cultural
  • Social

Physical Eduction

Sokol provides for general fitness for people of all ages to improve health, fitness and over all well being. Fitness classes begin at age four and continue to senior ages. Sokol was founded on the philosophy that physically fit, mentally alert and culturally well developed people make a strong community.


The core of American Sokol Educational Programs have long been the development of a Healthy Mind and Body. Sokol offers more than just Physical Fitness! We offer programs that enrich and broaden the mind.


Sokol provides a variety of classes that educate and cultivate its multi-cultural communities. We are committed to preserving and educating cultural values and awareness. American Sokol was founded by Czech immigrants, so the history and value of the Czech culture is still present and preserved in many aspects of the Sokol program and classes. This, coupled with a truly multi-cultural membership, serves as a foundation for the various Cultural Programs available.



One of Sokol’s greatest assets is its belief in the benefits of a truly social environment for the individual, community and family. Families give Sokol character, unity, culture and promote positive ideals and values. Many families stay involved in Sokol for generations.


Social Activities
  • BeafSteak Dinner
  • Haunted House
  • Parents Night Out
  • Movie night
  • Parties
  • Volleyball
  • Wine Tasting
  • Adult Fitness
  • Parade Floats
  • St. Patrick's Day Dinner
  • Community support